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Building Academic Language for ESOL

Building Academic Language for ESOL

Embracing diversity and helping students to be biliterate

Across the United States, general education classrooms are receiving non-English speaking students at an increasing rate. In comparison, the number of educators who are bilingual or multicultural is on the decline....
Author: Michele Schuler
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Tag It—"Graffiti" in the Classroom

Tag It—"Graffiti" in the Classroom

Graffiti murals promote comprehension and student voice.

Some see graffiti as vandalism; others see it as a work of art. Urban artists use graffiti to send political messages—as a form of meaning making in the larger society. Indiana University Professor David Hanauer...
Author: Samina Hadi-Tabassum
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Discovering Treasure: Adapting Instructional Strategies to Meet Student Needs

Discovering Treasure: Adapting Instructional Strategies to Meet Student Needs

Understanding student needs is only part of the teaching expedition.

I started the group discussion with what I believed to be a rather easy question: "How does the article, 'Rise of the Machines,' connect with your life experiences?" After all, students interact with technology each...
Author: Shelby Notbohm
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How can I offer language support to the English Language Learners in my classroom if I don't speak their native language?

Fortunately, there are a number of ways to support ELL students’ language acquisition by adapting strategies already in use. These small things may make a big difference to ELLs. Here are a few ideas. 1. Create...
Author: Kristina Robertson
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Differentiating Instruction for ELLs

Differentiating Instruction for ELLs

The core tenets of differentiation should guide our education of ELLs.

His first name was Mauricio, and he was from Uruguay. As a class assignment, one of his teachers in his new school in the United States asked students to construct Venn diagrams about themselves, showing how the...
Author: David H. Vawter & Kelly M. Costner
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Habla con ellos—Talk to them: Latinas/os, achievement, and the middle grades

Moving bilingual children beyond subordinated categories toward full engagement in relevant and authentic learning that embraces their communities.

Our faculty in the Education Department at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte often spends time discussing issues we see within our middle grades program, including with our undergraduate teacher candidates...
Author: Spencer Salas, Jeanneine P. Jones, Theresa Perez, Paul G. Fitchett, & Scott Kissau
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Bending Over Backward

Bending Over Backward

Teaching about Idioms

Have you ever told a student she "dropped the ball" on an assignment? Do you encourage your students by telling them to "reach for the stars" or "go for the gold"? Your native English-speaking students likely...
Author: Melanie W. Greene
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Successful Strategies for Teaching Reading to Middle Grades English Language Learners

Teachers can employ a variety of classroom-tested strategies to teach reading to English language learners.

Carlos (a pseudonym) moved from Guatemala to the United States when he was in sixth grade. When Carlos started school, his teachers expected him to speak only in English and practice English in his...
Helping ELLs Master the Dreaded Word Problem

Helping ELLs Master the Dreaded Word Problem

Dean has a recipe for lemonade. To make 14 servings, Dean will need 4 cups of lemon juice. How many ounces of lemon juice will Dean need if he wants to make 35 servings? Students in the United States are taught to...
Author: Diana Picchi Cwynar & Susan Hewett
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Emancipating the English Language Learner

As you cooraptoriliate these words, make sure you flimp the scoglottora in proper schimliturn. You will only understand this column if hickitow glisps in baggaduanation. Use your joomering and begin. Huh? Look,...
Author: Rick Wormeli
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