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There's an Epidemic Spreading

There's an Epidemic Spreading

How schools can help students understand the risks of vaping

A current United States Food and Drug Administration public service announcement starts with "There's an epidemic spreading…" The ad goes on to provide a visual representation of how smoking e-cigarettes...
Author: Greg Taranto
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When a Student is Grieving

When a Student is Grieving

National organization offers ongoing support to educators

The Coalition to Support Grieving Students is a unique collaboration of the leading professional organizations representing classroom educators (e.g., AFT and NEA), principals, administrators, student support...
Author: Coalition to Support Grieving Students
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Tags: Grief
In Pursuit of the Balanced Life

In Pursuit of the Balanced Life

It's all about the choices you make

What do Bigfoot, the Loch Ness monster, and work-life balance have in common? All three are elusive. All three have been the subject of many articles. Finally, many authors don't believe any of the three...
Author: Frank Buck
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Taking Care of Ourselves

Taking Care of Ourselves

Eight ways for teachers to balance work, life, and wellness

Balancing work, life, and wellness are difficult for everyone in every profession; however, for educators, that balance can be even more challenging. As a teacher, you are often pulled in many directions and need to...
Author: James Davis
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Preventing Underage Drinking

Preventing Underage Drinking

Resources to increase awareness of and combat underage drinking.

April is Alcohol Awareness Month—a time to focus on the prevention, intervention, and treatment of alcohol-related problems. Although underage drinking is on the decline, it still presents a significant...
Author: Frances M. Harding
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Working Up a (Brain) Sweat

Working Up a (Brain) Sweat

Physical activity improves students' cognitive performance.

If a pill could improve your child's self-esteem, memory, attention span, standardized test scores, and ability to problem solve, would you rush to the store and buy it? If it did not need a prescription, was free,...
Welcoming Highly Mobile Students

Welcoming Highly Mobile Students

Making students who move from school to school feel welcome.

A Florida newspaper reporter asked me what life is like for the student who moves three or more times a year. So I gave him this scenario, and the conversation developed from there: A Typical Scenario You are a...
Author: Ruby K. Payne
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Tags: Safety
Getting to the Heart & Sole of Young Adolescent Girls

Getting to the Heart & Sole of Young Adolescent Girls

Young adolescent girls gain the skills and tools they need to reach their potential.

Neuropsychologist Dan Siegel, in his book Brainstorm: The Power and Purpose of the Teenage Brain, describes adolescence as a time of increased elasticity in the brain. The emotive part of the adolescent brain is...

The Face of Grieving: How Students Handle Death in a Digital World

I knew I would be early. It was approximately two hours prior to the start of the Soaring Ahead ceremony, our eighth-grade graduation, and I was anxious to set up the video slideshow I had created for this grand...
Author: John Priest
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Finding a Common Language Through Relationships

Finding a Common Language Through Relationships

Establishing supportive relationships helps students truly thrive.

How effectively are we communicating with our middle school students? As a middle school counselor, I often step back and think: Am I speaking to fill the space? Is what I am saying applicable. Most important, do I...
Author: Andrea M. Salvo
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